Woo-hoo! An awesome week we’re having.

Greetings to all!  Zynful has had some awesome things happen this week and we wanted to fill you in.  Earlier this week (I believe it was on Tuesday) one of Zynful’s items caught the eye of one of the admins on Etsy and not only did the “like” it, they also added it to their own favorites category.  This was HUGE, because it amplified Zynful’s exposure dramatically just in the past couple days.  Needless to say there was some bouncing off the walls and a few tears of joy and thankfulness had I kid you not.   On Wednesday Zynful Creations was also chosen to take part in a craft show from a local (to northern California) shop called Ambee’s Bloomers in Oroville, CA..  So Zynful will be show-casing her work in an actual established shop – which is just fantastic and adds so much opportunity for networking with other designers and the general public.  These next couple months are going to be busy rolling out new designs and holiday products…no rest for the weary.

It also dawned on me that in my last post I didn’t really identify myself other then being a knitting dumb-ass, but my name is Zion and as I have watched Zynful Creations bloom over the past few years – I have come to learn something exciting and new about the yarn-arts everyday.  Stay tuned to Zynful Creations as I will be updating frequently on all the fun craziness.  🙂