Tatting all the way

Hello all,

Zion here with a post-Christmas update and what Zynful has been creatively conjuring up.  I am pleased to say we survived the holidays,seasonal sickness (cold and Flu), the Shingles and Zyn is on the mend.  NyQuil has nothing over creativity when it comes to getting past a cold.  Despite some of the latest unfortunate, new designs and creations are as always free-flowing.

Zynful Creations - Tatted Owls

The image above is a small glimpse into the projects Zynful has been working during the past week or so.  The pink and purple owls were created by Zynful, but came from a pattern by the blog of Kitsch Squirrel (below is a link to their blog), whom Zynful follows because they showcase awesome tips and tricks for tatting.


Zynful Creations - Patts Necklace

The image above is a tatted necklace.  The medallion portion is a highly modified version of a very traditional tatted madallion, and the chain is a scaled-down section from the madallion.  As you can see here there is very little down-time for Zynful Creations.

Should you have any questions about the pieces here (or anywhere on the blog), place an order or where they can be purchased, please feel free to shoot us a message.  We hope everyone had a pleasant Holidays and a safe happy New Years.     .


Happy Holidays to all

Hello everyone,

Zion here with you once again with a brief update on all the awesomeness (craziness..ha ha) of Zynful Creations.  This week has been led to Zynful trying some new uncharted territories with yarn.

Zynful Tatting 1 Zynful Tatting 2

These images above are very miniature versions of knitting projects in progress.  The green project is a scarf, the purple is a baby blanket, and currently Zyn is finishing up a miniature red sock (which I will post pics of when it is done).  Now when you look close those are in fact toothpicks as knitting needles, and at one point Zyn was actually knitting with them – which totally blew me away, because I didn’t even think that was possible.

If this happens to be the last blog post before next week, we here at Zynful Creations would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and to all the other faiths – we celebrate with you.


Shingle Bells

Zion here with you again with a Zynful Creations update.

Every year around this time something unprecedented for us always seems to rear its ugly little head, just to keep us on our toes and this year is no exception.

Since our last post (which has been awhile I know), Zynful has been hard at work on new projects and designs, all while dealing with multiple car incidents (one involving a deer and the deer won), a stray affectionate/needy kitten who likes to visit our place here and the there, and to top it all off – a Christmas bonus of finding out that Zynful has a very painful bout of Shingles which quite possibly could last for the next 4-6 weeks – which could make the holidays not so jolly.  So a word to all – please get your Shingles vaccination (we just found out that was an option 2 days ago), because watching Zyn go through the roller-coaster of radiating nerve pain is just awful.  That being said her creative flow is still going strong despite all the pain-meds she’s on.

To keep her mind occupied and off the pain she is working on a very special cowl in honor of her step-daughter – who unfortunately took her own life a few months ago.  This cowl is a thick cream-colored material with red tatted rose-like flowers.  As you can see she’s jumping from very fine skinny yarn, to a thick British Wool – but that’s not unlike Zyn to jump from one extreme to another extreme (especially in a matter of minutes).


The pictures below are a couple hats she completed (and wrote the patterns) a week or so ago.  The purple hat was another (in memory of) dedication piece.

1452362_303368033191692_2926367843842970141_n 1514963_307655779429584_7513296110448337495_n 10172633_304937656368063_1143900798254541315_n

These socks that Zyn conceived and made had her doing the happy dance because they turned out so warm and comforting.  I think I actually saw her tear-up when she had to take them off to wash them.


This black beanie was a custom order for a close friend of ours, and as you can see it lengthened slightly for added neck warmth and protection.

All of these items can be custom-made, and the patterns are also available on both Etsy and Ravelry.

In case this is the last post for the next couple weeks, Zynful Creations and I would like to wish you all a Happy Holidays and a fun and safe time with friends and family.