A Worsted-Weight Week

Welcome to Friday! 🙂

Zion here once again with a Zynful Creations update!  First off we had an awesome delivery from Knit Picks and Celestial Strings earlier this week, and the reaction…priceless!  I’m not quite sure yet what marvelous idea Zyn will come up with for these beautifully-dyed skeins of yarn, but she always has something up her sleeve (ALWAYS).


One of the projects of the week was this baby vest Zyn made.  The request came from Portside Knitting, and is entitled Kaikou – which is Japanese for port.


Now because we don’t have any babies near by, our pal Fred the frog had to step in and model this vest. He’s a little bulky, but provides a good idea as to how it would look on a little one.

Fred Model

The image below is a second vest that Zyn began also, and will be a size 5 for toddlers.  The yarn being used for this vest is called Silver Sage (from Knit Picks) and so very soft and breath-taking.

Worsted Weight Baby Vest

Over all we had a good productive week, and we finally seem to be getting all the seasonal sickness past us and feeling better (knock on wood).  Thank you to you all very much for following us and the constant evolution of Zynful Creations and also a very special thank you to our friends at Knit Picks, Crane Crafts, Portside Knitting, and Celestial Strings for the constant support and unwavering compassion.  Working together, creative partnerships, and building each other up is so much more rewarding internally and is really the foundation in what Zynful Creations is all about.  Have a great weekend everybody!

Please check out these Facebook pages: The beautiful creativity seeping out everywhere is simply amazing.






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