Been awhile – but still going strong!

Zyn has been working hard on creating original patterns and publishing them so others can partake in all the creative fun.  With the cold winter approaching, one of the patterns Cyn’s been working is for these awesome and incredibly comfortable slippers.

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Here is a link for all the specifics for how to make these with your own special touch.

Since our last blog entry, Cyn’s also been working to complete her “Fan of Hearts” collection.  Right now the cowl and the scarf are done and available through the links below.

Once complete the full “Fan of Hearts’ collection will include; a cowl, scarf, finger-less mitts, boot-cuffs, corset and socks.

In addition to all that, Zyn has received quite a bit of commissioned work which is very exciting and with the holidays right on our heels – boredom will not be in Zyn’s vocabulary.  Thanks for your time and happy yarning to all.


The Busy Season

Have you been to a Lowe’s in the western US this spring?  Notice how everything is grouped together.  That’s why Zyn hasn’t been knitting much.  This particular time of the season Zyn is consumed with her primary job, which means long hours, increased and sometimes very spontaneous traveling, and very little time for much of anything else.  Don’t worry though, because we’re not going anywhere – just a bit of a knitting-pause.  Thanks for your support, encouragement, friendship.



Ten things you shouldn’t say when pricing handmade items

Some very good point here.

Life's Big Canvas

Fascinator by Janine Basil by Janine Basil

I’ve been giving advice this week on pricing handmade items for selling. Not on purpose, just because it’s cropped up a couple of times. Working in a shop where people sell handmade items means it’s something which is bound to come up.

When I started selling handmade items, advice was thin on the ground. I tried reading some things online, but never really had someone to talk to in person. I also didn’t realise that my lack of knowledge was holding back my business, because people were bitching about me not being able to price properly behind my back, instead of just telling me what I was doing wrong, and I was missing opportunities.

This is why when I now see people underpricing their work, I tell them, and hopefully not in a patronising way, but because underpricing is undervaluing your own skill. To me, it’s…

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yarn everywhere

Zion here with another Zynful Creations update.  The past few weeks have been fairly chaotic with birthdays, the very unexpected loss of Popcorn – the cat who adopted us, and just regular life stuff.  Regardless of all that, Żynful has been working on some great stuff.  See all those red, yellow, and blue balls?  Those are to become Autism awareness hats,  and Zyn has been working hard at pulling those together.


In addition Zyn also started teaching some basics in knittIng and crocheting this week over Skype.  This week’s classes are covering the basics of knitting socks.   If anyone is interested in joining in the fun,  please send us a message on our Facebook page and will give you all the details as far as days and times.

Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.


A Worsted-Weight Week

Welcome to Friday! 🙂

Zion here once again with a Zynful Creations update!  First off we had an awesome delivery from Knit Picks and Celestial Strings earlier this week, and the reaction…priceless!  I’m not quite sure yet what marvelous idea Zyn will come up with for these beautifully-dyed skeins of yarn, but she always has something up her sleeve (ALWAYS).


One of the projects of the week was this baby vest Zyn made.  The request came from Portside Knitting, and is entitled Kaikou – which is Japanese for port.


Now because we don’t have any babies near by, our pal Fred the frog had to step in and model this vest. He’s a little bulky, but provides a good idea as to how it would look on a little one.

Fred Model

The image below is a second vest that Zyn began also, and will be a size 5 for toddlers.  The yarn being used for this vest is called Silver Sage (from Knit Picks) and so very soft and breath-taking.

Worsted Weight Baby Vest

Over all we had a good productive week, and we finally seem to be getting all the seasonal sickness past us and feeling better (knock on wood).  Thank you to you all very much for following us and the constant evolution of Zynful Creations and also a very special thank you to our friends at Knit Picks, Crane Crafts, Portside Knitting, and Celestial Strings for the constant support and unwavering compassion.  Working together, creative partnerships, and building each other up is so much more rewarding internally and is really the foundation in what Zynful Creations is all about.  Have a great weekend everybody!

Please check out these Facebook pages: The beautiful creativity seeping out everywhere is simply amazing.


CloChe and more

Zion here with another Zynful Creations update from the past week.  Zyn has been going back in time this week, with a couple hats inspired by the Roaring Twenties.  The “flappers” during the 1920’s and 30’s wore these hats to express their way of independence.  Zynful has created her own version of this widely popular hat for that period.  It’s something quite new for Zyn, but I think it also has something to do with all the Downton Abby we’ve been watching lately also.


Zyn has also been working tirelessly on a new pattern for some very special fingerless mits, and so far they are coming out great.  The pattern for the mits are currently being test-knitted by a few others,  and is now up on Ravelry.  The flat leaf (furatto ha – translated to Japanese).


In other news Zynful had an exciting thing happen this week.  A sheburon pattern for a skirt Zyn created was profiled òn the Ravelry home page, and had over 1500 downloads within a 48-hour period.  Now because the sheburon patter for this skirt is in the test-knitting stage, we don’t have pictures of it yet – but we will.  The CloChe in the picture above is also made of the same sheburon pattern, so that should provide an idea of what the skirt should look like.  We will keep you posted.  Have a great weekend.


Tatting all the way

Hello all,

Zion here with a post-Christmas update and what Zynful has been creatively conjuring up.  I am pleased to say we survived the holidays,seasonal sickness (cold and Flu), the Shingles and Zyn is on the mend.  NyQuil has nothing over creativity when it comes to getting past a cold.  Despite some of the latest unfortunate, new designs and creations are as always free-flowing.

Zynful Creations - Tatted Owls

The image above is a small glimpse into the projects Zynful has been working during the past week or so.  The pink and purple owls were created by Zynful, but came from a pattern by the blog of Kitsch Squirrel (below is a link to their blog), whom Zynful follows because they showcase awesome tips and tricks for tatting.

Zynful Creations - Patts Necklace

The image above is a tatted necklace.  The medallion portion is a highly modified version of a very traditional tatted madallion, and the chain is a scaled-down section from the madallion.  As you can see here there is very little down-time for Zynful Creations.

Should you have any questions about the pieces here (or anywhere on the blog), place an order or where they can be purchased, please feel free to shoot us a message.  We hope everyone had a pleasant Holidays and a safe happy New Years.     .